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Clearspring Church Gloucester | Our Books

Check out these books written by our lead Pastor.

You can purchase these on Amazon or order them from any good book retailer.

Pray like the boss - book - author Paul Lyndon Burtwell
I Am who He Says I Am - book - Paul Lyndon Burtwell
Your 7 days to joy  - book - author Paul Lyndon Burtwell
Secret Messiah - book - Paul Lyndon Burtwell
The anti christ end game - book - author Paul Lyndon Burtwell
Your time to shine - book - author Paul Lyndon Burtwell

Pastor Paul is a well-known Christian author, whose works have served as a source of spiritual guidance and inspiration to countless believers. His writings draw on Biblical references and scripture to bring timeless messages of hope, faith, and love to readers of all ages. From study guides and commentary to books on prayer and practical tools for living a Christian life, Pastor Paul’s works offer something for everyone.


One of Pastor Paul’s most respected books is his treatment on Christian Eschatology called the Antichrist Endgame. This book covers the beliefs, doctrines, and events relevant to the end times, providing readers with a step by step clear and comprehensive understanding of the pre-trib Christian worldview. In this rare treatment of eschatology, the author details the chronology of endgame events, the career of the Antichrist and the final destruction and overthrow of his world empire. A popular book that readily engages its readers in God's exciting end time plan for humanity.  


In Pray Like The Boss, Pastor Paul examines the basic doctrine and understanding of the Lord's Prayer, showing how Jesus gave us the model prayer as a reflection of the Jewish Amidah prayer. It is a wonderful book for anyone interested in pursuing the topic of prayer and the reader will be surprised at the level of theological depth to which the author goes into explaining this most profound experience with God. 


In Your 7 Days To Joy, Pastor Paul explains through parabolic stories the biblical method for living in daily joy and peace. Through the pages of this work Pastor Paul shows that a joy filled Christian life is one that follows a clear Biblical path that has been laid down by God in the Scriptures. And although Paul is clear to avoid the mistake of the health, wealth and prosperity doctrine, he does reveal the true Biblical formula for successful living, as God intends his children to live by.


In Your Time To Shine,Pastor Paul explains how the Christian life is a life of genuine overcoming. In it he explains how as believers we are called to a higher form of life to what many people in this world experience. As shining lights or examples of Christ in this dark world, we should be attracting people to the Saviour through our everyday interaction and experiences with people. This book is another personal favourite of many and an encouragement to anyone ho will read it and take the lessons to heart.

The works of Pastor Paul provide a convenient resource for those seeking to understand and apply Christian Theology to their lives and practice. With clear and relevant teaching, his books make it easy for readers to delve into topics such as the Bible, salvation, ends times and the nature and character of God. By exploring the spiritual truth and applying it to their lives, readers can grow deeper in their relationship with God, and more in tune with their faith. So, if you are looking for some theological guidance, be sure to check out Pastor Paul’s amazing books on Christian Theology. You can find them on Amazon or order them at any good book retailer.

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